Hair Care Routine You Can Easily Follow


Often, when you are busy, you neglect to take care of yourself, especially your hair. Your hair does not need to be managed for hours. All it takes is to remember few tips that you can easily do for few minutes in a day, and that's it. When you have a healthy and shiny hair, you will look more attractive and full of life. Thus, having a hair care routine does matter.


The following is an easy to follow hair care routine. For more information and ideas, visit



1. Brushing - Brush your hair in the morning. This is done to have tangle-free hair. Also, it is through this method you are going to have natural oils distributed evenly on your hair. Thus, this enables your hair to achieve that shiny and healthy hair.


Then, brush your hair in the evening. Why do this? This is to make sure that before you go to bed, you have your hair tangle-free right before you go to bed.


2. Washing - There are few things to remember when it comes to washing

7 Tips For Surviving Your First Hot Yoga Class

posted on Jan 02, 2017| tags: yoga yoga class hot yoga class fitness

Hot yoga can be a hot mess if you're not prepared. I'll never forget my first time trying hot yoga. I had a Groupon to try hot yoga that was about to expire and figured I might as well try it. I figured it couldn't be that different from the yoga classes I had been taking at 24 Hour Fitness.

I showed up 10 minutes before class started in baggy cotton sweat pants, a t-shirt, no water, no towel, and a cheap $5 mat from Target. It all went downhill from there.

Within minutes, I was dripping in sweat, my clothes were soaked, I was slipping all over my mat and started panicking because of the intense heat. I vividly remember getting to the point where I thought I was going to pass out so I ran out in the middle of the class and lay on the cold tile floor in the bathroom to cool off.

I stayed in the bathroom until class was over, got my mat, and didn't go back for months!

After spending some time researching what to bring to hot yoga, what to wear, and what to expect, I fin